The Thrive Movement Method

Whether you want to focus on relieving stress, increasing your ease of movement, rehabilitating from pain and/or injury, or enhancing your performance in sport, activity, or life, Thrive Movement can support you on your journey. Though we believe the most rewarding results come from working through our entire process, we are happy to offer services within the scope of each client’s wishes.


CREATE Your Vision

Initial contact includes establishment of your individual baseline by assessing your health and injury history, movement quality, behavioral patterns, environmental impact, and relationship to your body. Detailed and supportive conversation helps us work with you to define and understand your vision for how you want to move and feel.

Expect us to listen, learn, and provide you with a road map to reach your goal.


ADAPT Neural, Soft Tissue, and Movement Pathways

A variety of Massage Therapy methods help us to open soft tissue pathways providing relief from pain and freedom of movement. We combine these treatments with Movement Therapy to rewire neural and movement pathways, address behavioral patterns, and ensure long term proficiency.

Expect us to fully customize our methods to your needs and level of comfort.


ACHIEVE a New Relationship with Your Body

Our continued focus and intervention though Lifestyle Coaching helps you reach your goals, become more knowledgeable about your body, and maintain your new level of well being through the development of a supportive lifestyle and environment.

Expect us to be sensitive and open to your unique challenges and creative in the way we support your success.


ENHANCE the Way You Look, Feel, Move, and Live

We want you to truly THRIVE in the new you. Our fully customized Personal Training services help you re-imagine your limits by building range of motion, strength, power, and endurance.

Expect a training program that addresses both the body and the mind, supporting a lifetime of physical well-being.