Your body is your home. Live well.

The most rewarding results are achieved by clients who follow The Thrive Movement Method through a comprehensive treatment program that takes advantage of a variety of our services. Please Contact Us for a custom package tailored to your individual goals.


Movement Therapy

If you’re physically active or athletically-minded and have pain while engaging in activities you enjoy or simply want to perform at a higher level, consider Movement Therapy. Forming the core of the ADAPT and ACHIEVE phases of the Thrive Movement Method, this service is designed to teach you the fundamentals of movement, how to move with more efficiency and effectiveness, and how to gain or regain your capacity to move in the ways that will bring more of what you want to your life.

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Our lifestyles have conditioned our bodies with repetitive movements and repetitive positions, such as running and sitting. These habits and others, void of variation or correction, can lead to dysfunction, pain, and ultimately limit natural movement.

This treatment method follows the principles of movement based on an understanding of how the human body is designed to function. Each session involves therapeutic bodywork, stretching and mobilizations, and movements designed to meet your specific needs. Because reconditioning the body to function with more efficiency takes consistent work and attention, a customized movement practice for you to take on daily at home will accompany the treatment sessions. Additionally, we will explore any mental, emotional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your condition and limiting your progress.  

If you haven’t had the success you want with other methods to move more freely, this unique approach could be just what you need.

Note: In order to effectively customize our services, a New Client Assessment Session is needed for all of our Movement Therapy participants.





We offer a variety of massage services and soft tissue techniques to address muscle tension, restricted range of motion, overall body stress and/or lack of ease. These services can be utilized alone or as part of aThrive Movement comprehensive treatment program to help your soft tissue pathways open and ADAPT. Expect us to fully customize our methods to your needs and level of comfort.

(Prices for all services can be found on our Appointments page.)


Therapeutic Massage

Appropriate for clients of all types, therapeutic massage is basic massage service designed to calm the mind and relax the body. A variety of slow, purposeful massage strokes are utilized to target muscle tension and create a feeling of lightness, ease and peace.  

Sports Massage

Designed for those with an active lifestyle, sports massage is a therapeutic treatment that targets the unique physical and biomechanical needs of athletes and provides performance and recovery benefits.

Sports massage can be used pre-activity/event, post-activity/event, or as an on going strategy used throughout the training process. It enhances an athlete’s self-care system to overcome limitations and get the most out of the body when it really counts.

Orthopedic Massage

This massage technique is designed to specifically address the pain and dysfunction associated with orthopedic conditions including, but not limited to, back pain, knee pain, tendinitis, neck and shoulder pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Orthopedic Massage is a comprehensive soft tissue treatment system that involves therapeutic assessment, soft tissue remodeling, and movement reprogramming. It can be an excellent complementary treatment along with other forms of rehabilitation such as physical therapy, or it can be used as a stand-alone treatment to regain pain free motion and normal function.



Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching

Our Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching services are for people who want guidance and support in their journeys to ACHIEVE their goals, expand their limits, and ENHANCE their lives through movement and understanding of their bodies.

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Personal Training

Expect a training program that addresses both the body and the mind, supporting a lifestyle of physical well-being.

We believe a training program should meet you where you are now in a considerate manner and provide you with guidance, support, and accountability. If you’re desire is to gain strength, improve flexibility and mobility, recover from injury, manage your weight, or some combination of these physical qualities, we will create a program to get you there.

Together we will identify your specific goals while anchoring to the deep underlying motivation driving you toward them.  We will tap into your body’s wisdom and use that to establish a lifestyle where movement, ease, and exercise support the way you want to live.  

**In most cases those who combine Personal Training with Lifestyle Coaching experience the best results.

Lifestyle Coaching

Expect us to be sensitive and open to your unique challenges and creative in the way we support your success.

Our coaching offers passionate and inspiring guidance and support to empower you to live with more freedom, joy, and vitality.  We will help you become healthy, fit, and well by first identifying and establishing an intention for what you want to become. From there we will work with you to make small adjustments in the ways you move, nourish, and care for your body to gradually work towards your goal.  

Together we’ll engage your mind-body connection as we work on your relationship with food, movement/exercise, and/or the ways you care for your body.  You’ll develop an uplifting and empowering way of connecting to your body and learning how to access and harness the power of your mind, emotions, and actions.

**Lifestyle Coaching is a powerful complimentary service for those who have an established movement and exercise routine that is mainly derived of group classes or who’s training preferences/style falls outside of the Personal Training methods offered with Thrive Movement.

Note: In order to effectively customize our services, a New Client Assessment Session is needed for all of our Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching participants.